What are your office hours?

8:00am – 4:30pm         Central Time   Monday – Friday

What is a Manufacturer’s Representative?

As defined by the Association of Sales & Marketing Companies:

“An agent representing a manufacturer in a specific geographical area, usually on a contractual basis, usually handles non-competing but related lines of goods.”

Why not call the Ingredient Manufacturer’s directly?

Just as companies outsource areas such as Accounting, HR, Legal, and IT, outsourced Sales enables the companies we work with to do what they do best; manufacture quality ingredients, while leaving the Sales and Marketing to us.

Doesn’t this add another layer to costs?

Quite the opposite, we act as the companies’ sales force in the field.  This enables the companies we represent to fix their sales costs.  With today’s ever increasing hiring, travel, and healthcare costs, the benefits of using a Manufacturer’s Representative is more substantial today than ever before.

I’m a buyer of many ingredients, how can you help me?

All of us today have too much to do with too little time.  The Thurber Company can offer you solutions to multiple ingredient issues in one contact, saving you many calls, emails, voice mails, frustrations, time, and money.

I’m looking for an ingredient not on your list.

Talk to us.  In most cases, we can source the ingredient(s) for you.

Can you ship Internationally?

While we market our ingredients in the Midwest, we ship throughout the world.  Give us the opportunity to show what we can do for you.